Coveted the world 1: Alas Karc Cruise

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7/29 Cruise

Today, Cruise runs through Canada and runs northern Alaska all day.

It’s all day. As the weather gets colder, there are no traces of children who played the water until yesterday. The wind is also scary to go to the deck. It is more than summer.

Suddenly in Korea’s summer weather, I suddenly adapt to this extreme situation.

There seems to be some seasickness. Even though it is like two huge apartments of 160,000 tons, the weather is so strong that it feels shaking.

So I decided to look back every corner of the room.

It is surprising to be more than imagination and facilities.

I have to lie down all day long because of the time difference and motion sickness. I went to eat.

The story of the food of cruises that cannot be missed.

There are foods in the United States, India, Hispanic, Italy, France, and even Alaska.

But there is no Chinese style. Is it because of trade conflict with China now? There is no Korean or Japanese.

Think about it because the number of passengers is small.

The main menu of every evening changes and the food is not tired.

The level of taste is also a 4 -star hotel buffet restaurant.

After eating the main dish, my favorite cakes or fruits are not eye -catching.

I watched the performance every day and played in the casino.

There are performances and performances everywhere.

Although the time 바카라사이트 to drink wine or beer is unfamiliar, it seems to forget the daily life and live a completely different life.

People applaud and cheer for the young little boy who is dancing in music.

Children who have grown up in a culture that they can enjoy from childhood.

I wore a cocktail dress and dinner

I enjoyed spa in Jacuzzi, walked around, and spent a day like a movie.

The most common place I went to Jacuzzi on board.

Every evening, I soaked my body in hot water even in the chilly cruise weather and looked at the sunset.

In the distance, another cruise passes.

This is not completely losing until 10 o’clock.

It’s so beautiful to see the sun losing under the snow mountain in Jacuji.

My heart becomes clumsy. This moment is given to my life.

I was exhausted to reduce my eyes so I went into the room and fell asleep.

I want to be in the sunset Jacuzzi in my dreams.

With Kishida, the new governor, Fumio Kishida, is a complete puppet of former Prime Minister Abe! Send to the monitoring “”

2021.09.29 Fumio Kishida is Abe’s complete puppet

Today, the Liberal Democratic Party’s election was held, and Taro Kono was separated by the final vote, and Fumio Kishida was selected as the new governor. However, this should be called “the birth of the Kishida Liberal Democratic Party, the Kishida administration”, but the “Abe Liberal Democratic Party, the birth of the Abe puppet government.”

It is concluded that we will focus on the LDP’s important strategies of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Explanation to the people = Liberal Governor’s election, the issue is a party reform -Mr. Kishida’s interview

Fumio Kishida, a former president of the LDP Governor, responded to interviews with the press on the 14th. In the 2019 Upper House election, Katsutari Kawai, the former Ministers and Mrs. Kawai, emphasized the 150 million yen spent by the party headquarters as “explaining to the people in writing that it is not used for acquisition.” He argued that the issue of the presidential election was “party reform”, based on a strong criticism of politics and money.

I have to think about. ” He showed his idea to explain “as soon as possible.” He said he would also work on the revision of the year’s expenditure law, calling for 40 % of parliamentarians who have been elected to return 40 % of the year.

He stated that he was able to realize the four constituents of the Party Remarks, which were summarized 해외바카라사이트 during the Abe administration. He said that there would be or discussed infections to (target) after the expansion of the new colon virus. “

He argued that integrated resorts (IR), which include, “the economy is quite meaningful. He said that the relocation of U.S. Army Futenma Airfield (Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture) to Henoko, Nago City, “should be proceeded.

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