Einstein Inada “Nice Those” Miracle repeatedly on an improvised face (comedy Natalie)

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Today, September 17th, as part of the comedy festival “LIVE STAND 22-23” Osaka performance, “LIVE STAND PRESENTS Shigekazu is a planning performance Inada vs. all-members-Live Stand SP ~” will be held at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall in Osaka. rice field. [Image] Long Cote Daddy, Einstein Inada, Shigekazu. (18 other cases) Shigekazu is a plan “All the Rabbit vs. all members”, “Kuma Pro vs. All”, “Shimoda vs. All members”, “Everybody” An entertainer is a battle. The competition specializes in the entertainer and the competition that blooms unknown aspects, bringing out the charm of entertainers, including “everyone”, creating a miracle -like laughter. Until now, the venue was mainly at Osaka and Morinomiya Yoshimoto Mangai Theater, but this time it appeared in the TT Hall, the largest ever. Einstein Inada, a senior, was selected for the fighting entertainers and the “everyone” side, and the performance time was held as a large performance of 90 minutes. Inada, who appeared on the stage where “everyone” was waiting for, was asked to be enthusiastic about MC’s Honoro Kita, Kono, and spit out, saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t be 바카라사이트/a> enthusiastic about this much.” “Please, please let me be eager at least.” There is also a service that takes a mask and fully open the face if there is no one on his face. “Enjoy it!” “High -speed table tennis confrontation”, associated with Inada’s table tennis club, was a surprisingly active player, and everyone won easily. Where is the first power, Inada is depressed as “really sad.” Next, unique competitions such as “Proliferation Hayaguchi Words Showdown”, “Lark Mansion Pypress”, “CG Photo Contest”, “Children with Inada”, and “Inadama Shot Gun Showdown” are being developed one after another, especially in Inada’s specialty. In the “improvised face -to -face confrontation” that seems to be “the face when I found 4 trillion yen”, “a very fun guy with humanity alone on the earth”, “The face of the second generation Big Boy”, etc. But it still shines. However, in “Nobita without glasses”, Male Blanco Urai said that “Double Higashi East is a face that has a sexy actress who has seen a sexy actress who has seen it is next to a coffee shop”, and in “Pompompurin”, “Pompompurin” is Inada. Show the strength that will not lose. In addition, the venue was laughing when the co -star of “a sexy actress who has seen a sexy actress who is next to a coffee shop” and “Pompompurin” will be realized. A close battle was unfolded. The last is the “Inada Slot confrontation”, which looks like Inada’s various photos as a slot, and if you stop and prepare three, you will be successful. All of them are impactful photos, and even if they are different, they laugh even in the “regrettable” state. Meanwhile, Inada showed three profiles, but everyone said, “Lie!” Then Kono said, “Comedy is a fantasy!” The result is 3 to 7 and everyone wins. Inada, who fought alone, said, “I was very nervous at first, but I thought it was a wonderful guy who laughed at the face of the face, and I love them.” The “LIVE STAND 22-23” Osaka performance, including this “Inada vs. All members”, is being overlooked at FANY ONLINE TICKET. Shigekazu promises that if 2,000 distribution tickets are sold, Mayurika Nakatani and Red Ginger / Kumamoto Pro -Wrestling will have a durable VIO confrontation.

Oh, I don’t have Ukyo -san because it’s a “buddy”.

I wanted to see an action movie and pulled it out of the Te -in Library after a long time. It is Ryu Seungwan’s work that has almost no other than the latest “Mogadish”.

Released in 2006

92 minutes


Tess (Jung de Hong), who has left his hometown and 현금바둑이게임 is a detective in Seoul, is informed that his best friend Wangje (Ann Gingan) has died.

At the funeral of Wang -Jae, his best friend Piro (Lee Boms), Don Hwan (Jung So -gyeong), and Donven’s younger brother Sokwan (Ryu Seungwan) were gathered.

In his hometown town, a casino was attracted by a resort land promotion plan, and Piro, who began to have power in the money lending business, was trying to partition the town more than ever.

Previously, Wang -Jae was organizing the town, but was quiet after marriage with Piro’s sister, Milan (Kim Sogyeong).

By the way, each of the teens is

Jung -woo, Tess on Juwan, Kim Siff, and Kim Siff.

Tess began to find out who killed Wangje.

To prevent it, Tess will be attacked

When I was a high school student, I went to Dong Fan, a teacher, with Sokwan, and the student of the cavalry was a student. Piro was instructed to place the personnel. Donju was a drug addict and had a drug from Piro, so he couldn’t.

I can’t hide the shock because Piro, who was always my best friend in Wang -jae’s death. I want to take a enemy, but after all, considering that I was a best friend …

The car heading to the venue to celebrate the 60th birthday of Don Hwan and Sokwan’s mother will lead a large truck at the intersection with a green light, and Don fans and mother will die immediately. I knew that Piro was involved.

Sokwan, who has been deprived of his family, cannot forgive Piro.

Tess and Sokwan will know that there is a celebration party after Piro has completed the casino invitation.


Recently, there are a lot of films with quiet actions, but just looking at the director who wants to take action is likely to be “painful”.

The role of Sokwang is Ryu Seungwan himself.

Jung de Hong, the role of Tess, is also a martial arts director.

The role of Piro Boms is different from the current feeling, weak, but power is powerful.

Despite making such an action movie, the next work of the director who wanted to do comedy is “Tachimawari”. It is a movie that you will watch many times when it fits, but it will take some time to understand, so it is recommended only for those who have courage. Ryu Seungwan and Jung de Hong are also out

I’ll buy “Mogadish” right away!

There is no good -looking guy or a beautiful woman or a beautiful woman. Hit … your face is bad.

I love Ryu Seungwan’s work, so I’m always excited.