“I went to a commemorative event of the Shimokawa Channel! ]

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Hello ☆ It’s a recorded dish!

Sorry for being a little neglected 💦

I went out, so I remembered it,

Let me update!



Popular YouTuber

Shimokawa Channel

I went to the visiting event ✨

Duel Masters, Pokemon cards, etc.

For a duo who posted a video

My husband often watches the video

I knew the existence of this channel!

I’m always doing interesting projects

Some people don’t know card games

It is a fun channel ✨

I get up early in the morning and drive to Toyama by driving my husband!

I was in Toyama Prefecture for the first time …! ! !

The card shop in front of the station was the venue

It seemed that there was no need to distribute the numbered tickets

To the nearby shopping mall Toyama Maruto!

Here, I was in at -cosmetic store ~✨

(When you return to Nagoya, you go relatively)

There is a cinnamon ver in the CICA mask

It was really cute … ♡

Shop at Three Coins

I wandered and ate rice in Saizeria!

I went to Toyama, but Saize … lol

No, I wasn’t so hungry ←

But too much pungency chicken

It was so delicious that I ate 2 people … ←

It seems that the signing session will start around 13:00

To the card shop!

In particular, there was no column formation

If you look at Pokeka or hang out

Two people of Shimokawa appeared while shooting!

Simo -chan seen raw

It has a new hair color

Your eyes are also patchy

It was cute like an idol … ♡

(I mean, a former idol …)

Is it because of the video I always watch

I had a strong impression of Glasan,

This time, it appears without a grassan!

Eh, isn’t it cooler without a grassan? ! ←

The signing session starts immediately!

So, I was in a unlocking position

I thought it was Yada (prepared for my heart!)

I gave up the unlocking to my brother-̗ ꄗ ̖ ̖-

Sorry for the semi -forced … ← ←

The husband was the husband who opened up.

I was really nervous …

Well, I’m always watching the video!

I’m nervous … (> _ <) When I looked at my husband’s appearance, it was trembling You can also put the card you signed into the sleeve I had a hard time … But for such a husband, the two of Shimokawa “You don’t have to panic ~ (o ^^ o)” And … gentle words …! And next is my turn. I wasn’t nervous at all What to say! I don’t think! For the time being, the recommended intellectual card I brought it, so I asked for a sign! “My husband often watched the video and knew the two! ] Simo “Eh, that’s right!? Thank you ~✨” Kawa -san “Thank you ~✨” “I like Intereon the most and brought a card this time! Anipoke is so cool …] Simo “I understand ~! Kawa -san, “Anipoke is very impressive different from the game!” Simo “What do you say?” “Oh, the recording is a vegetable vegetable with rape blossoms! ] He wrote it … Simo “Eh! Earrings cute ♡” Kawa -san “Really Luigi Yan!” He even noticed 크레이지슬롯 the earrings …

“thank you very much! ]

Simo “Beauty and Fukui are beautiful!”

Eh! Simo is much more cute! I wanted to say, but it was a time -up!

Both of you are insanely kind

Just God’s response! !

I signed for a few hours, but I didn’t show my fatigue

I’ve been talking to the fans with a smile all the time

I have more favorable impressions (*´﹀`*) ♡

(I would like to participate if there is an event again …!)

In the lottery, there were sleeves and playmats in prizes.

I and my husband were lost 💦

For the time being, I’m thinking of buying a guy who protects the card

If you pay, at the lottery

An elementary school boy with a signed play mat

I was lined up with the cash register for the case

Congrats! I said ✨

It looked so happy! I’m glad you a boy ✨

Oh, I forgot to put it on

Hotel Chocolat in Toyama Maruto is a shop

I ordered a delicious drink ✨

It seems to be a very popular store in the UK!

It was very rich and delicious ~

My mother and father recommended me

The soup curry shop I wanted to go to Toyama

My husband ran the car

What a regular holiday … 💦

Ion and buy tea in a plastic bottle

What kind of shop is there? While hanging

You did pachinko on the game.

My husband is a slot in the monster story.

I am a carpenter’s pachinko.

(I liked the picture and it was really interesting! W)

Then we hit each other! smile

Get 2 cups of medals

There aren’t many medal games I want to do

For the time being, I was a medal of the sea story

It was a day when the typhoon approached

I wonder if I have to go home early

If two people are in a hurry and put the medal

The medal runs out in front of the Jackpot Challenge w

Husband “If I put the medal more importantly, I wonder if I could go to the jackpot …”

“no! But the god of the god who is approaching the typhoon is approaching! ? ]

So, I decided to return for the time being.

I bought cream puffs and ate by car, but after all Beard Papa is good! ✨ Mechanko was delicious (*´﹀`*)

When I went home in a hurry and thought about buying something at a supermarket in my neighborhood, everywhere was closed because of the typhoon … lol

I mean, when I arrived in Fukui, the rain and wind were dangerous in the view view.

I’m glad I got to the house safely …!

It was such a fun day ~ (*´﹃ `*)

I wonder if this event will go up to the video of the Shimokawa channel! ? I’m looking forward to it (*´ `*)

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