“In the morning tea ceremony with Shiratama. ]

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We visited the only event in the consecutive holidays, tea.

I had to give a close -up culture and common sense as a Japanese, and I was able to get close to the cook, Professor Okamoto.

It was okay for beginners.

The place is Tama -san, a restaurant in Nagoya.

In the courtyard, just looking at the blue trees after the rain, the heart is ready.

The 크레이지슬롯 waiting ice is very cool.

A male teaman is a powerful and lean place.

Everyone is a nice kimono.

A production that sprays water on a bowl.


Suppon tofu had a chewy texture, good soup, and a wonderful taste.

Ayu takes more than 30 minutes and puts on the fire to make it fragrant.

Morning glory between the floors.

This balance beauty.


The glasses and glass vessels are Baccarat.

Fusion of aesthetics between Japan and France.

Kato Karakuro’s work.

I remember it came out in a delicious shinbo 😊

It is said that the old samurai enjoyed tea with tea.

The importance of preparing your heart.

The old Japanese probably knew that way.

I was able to meet Mihoko, who worked on PR such as Midland Square.

Don’t break the wonderful Japanese culture. 。 。

Three consecutive holidays will continue in September October! Do you think you’ll be a little off when you have such a little rest?

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[Latest version] It is necessary to make casinos a side job! Summary of important points

Important points to do a side job for a casino
• Type of casinos Tell knowing the difference between online casinos and land casinos
• Features of online casinos
• If you make a casino (online) 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 a side job, know the meaning of RTP “expected value (reduction rate)”
• Find a game with a high RTP (expected value (reduction rate) “for side jobs among casinos (online)

Know the difference between the type of casino on -caddy and the land casino

The biggest difference between Land Casino (currently illegal in Japan) and online casinos (official casinos that hold overseas licenses) are in short, is there a real dealer or player in front of you? What is it?

At present, however, online casinos have become widespread, and the improvement of sites and systems has evolved at a considerable speed, and even one PC and smartphone can enjoy playing in the same atmosphere as land casinos. In addition, online casinos have a live casino mechanism, and dealers such as pokers and baccarat and black jacks are on the other side of the screen, but they are interpersonal, so you can enjoy realism.

Of course, in inquiries such as games and support are basically all Japanese compatible, so you can play with confidence.

In addition, online casinos are mainly acquired and operated in European countries, and fraud and squid are strictly checked by licensed companies. The program is fully managed for fraud.

Features of online casinos

Also, online casinos have several attractive elements that Land Casino is not found in Land Casino.

An online casino’s unique mechanism is called “bonus”, which can be used in the online casino with+α to your own fund. In other words, the money of hand -held side business increases!

For example, various bonuses are available, such as “free spin” that can turn a certain number of slots, “cashback”, which is partially returned, and prizes such as events and tournaments.

In addition, the release of new games one after another is the characteristic (attractive) of online casinos.

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If you make a casino a side job, know the meaning of RTP “expected value (reduction rate)”

For example, a game where 9,700 yen is returned on average by bet 10,000 yen, “can be called a 97%expected game.

Therefore, when considering various public gambling and pachislot as a side job, it is a premise that the RTP “expected value (reduction rate)” is naturally high and it is a prerequisite to try to earn side job income.

First, see the table showing the redemption rate of each gambling below.

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