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There were a lot of summer vacation issues, but August is over. Good grief.


This super quiet square is … Ebisu Garden Place. Mitsukoshi is also closed and Galan. On 카지노 the bench, people in the nearby office are lunch. a bit lonely. Watch a movie at the Garden Cinema, tea in a cafe in Mitsukoshi, and sometimes went to the Photograph Museum. The Christmas season is a Baccarat Christmas tree. It was one of my favorite places, but it was a space left behind the times.

I got tired of my own cooking and had a lunch I ate at the cafe in Ebisu. Taiwanese Pako rice. was delicious. Eat with persimmon vinegar.


In February of this year, I searched the film with a tag called #Life Reverse. I chose “Last Holiday” from the searched movie. The protagonist George Arad is judged to be a time limit due to a light accident. He leaves for a luxury hotel where he dreamed of being a dream that he had collected for a short time. He eats the chef’s food, a luxury spa, and challenges ski jumps. He, of course, pays huge money in the casino. After that, in fact, the diagnosis is wrong, and it ends with a somewhat obvious happy ending that finds love and dreams. (Of course, it was an obvious story, but it was a memorable movie.

After watching the movie, I thought, “Oh, I want to travel like my sister!” Even if I couldn’t achieve my life, I wanted to test my luck from the casino. At the end of February, the end of the winter, I went on a hurricane Casino with J sister and Jeongseon.

PM 1:05

It took two and a half hours in Seoul and arrived at the downtown area near the hotel around 1 o’clock. Strangely, there was only an expensive restaurant in the hotel, so I decided to hear a convenience store. I chose a few beers and sweets to eat in the evening. There were about 5 to 6 people marking Marking on Toto and Lottoji from daytime. At first glance, I was marking dozens of times. It was a bad scenery. After completing the calculation, I headed to the hotel.

PM 1:32

At the end of the winter, I was able to stay in a good room at an affordable price. It was a room with brown and dark orange color. There were two luxurious bathtubs, two single beds with thick and fluffy mattresses and two sofas. You can see the Taebaek Mountains outside the window, and you can see fireworks in the room in the evening. It wasn’t comparable to Georgia Bird’s suite, but it was enough to enjoy Ho -Cancer. I changed it into comfortable clothes and went down to the casino around 4 o’clock.

PM 4:02

I had an ID card and bought a casino ticket. The inside of the hotel is quiet, but the casino was crowded. It’s a usual coward, but cash was only 50,000 won because I wanted to spend a lot of money. The zones were divided into slot machines, blackjacks, and unknown games. Except for the game where the machine faces the machine like a slot machine, the dealer is running on the table and the dealer runs the game.

Along with the dealer’s words, “Now, I’ll start the next edition,” the colorful chip is stacked that you don’t know how much of the lattice pattern of the table. Here, it would be a nose, but I wanted to hang on my favorite numbers. I stretched out as hard as possible, but I couldn’t touch the table because of my uncles. I’m trying to stretch one more time, so I’m not looking at the eyes, ‘Where are you going to let go of your nose?’

PM 4:35

Oh something is wrong. Is there something like an implicit rule that I don’t know? I wanted to be a competitive table, so I moved to another table. The dealer informed the start of the game and waited for the end to the end. I liked the number ’23’. When I tried to put my thousand won green chip in my favorite place, the front uncle smiled and said.

From then on, he explained to J and me how the chip should be placed on the table and what the countless numbers of the table meant. Then he finished with a small amount of fun. Since the uncle explained, Icheon won is Sichuan, and Sichuan won again. Repeatedly losing with his nose, he observed people sitting at the table.

The man who seems to be my peers hung the chip on the number he received as a messenger. He lost, lost, and then picked up at once. Of course, I lost again. A man in 바카라 his 40s, who had a large long wallet (commonly called a day bag), threw a bundle of fifty -thousand in each game, and it seemed to be a million won. Once every five minutes, a million won was thrown into a table in a bag. In less than 30 minutes, he lost all his stakes.

*It leads to 2 🙂