Sweet shelter, comfortable world

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Sweet shelter, comfortable world

-An a casino located in Komo, Italy

-Casino finds a shelter that can escape from life

-The day for me, maybe a day when I need a refuge …

It was one day when I was on my friend’s house in Milan. “Do you want to go to Switzerland with me in the evening?” He suddenly made a sudden proposal to read books and write only books every day. Of course it was not just for me. In fact, he was doing a driver’s driver as a side job and wanted to take me to Switzerland. “I like me, but can you follow you while working?” I asked. “If you ask, you’ll listen. wait.” The friend called and laughed and prepared to leave.

I met her in an appointment place. She got off the driver’s seat and welcomed us and gave a light ball. She seemed to have been in 50 lines, but she had a lot of beauty because of her age. Suddenly she was convinced that she was very beautiful when she was young. In addition, she had an old -fashioned charm somewhere. It wasn’t just because of the dark gray Audi A8 and the shiny fur coat. Elegant smiles, consideration that makes me feel good, and my lady’s appearance was seen in a movie.

She got on the top, and I got on the passenger seat. The friend caught the steering wheel. Audi began running on the road. The destination was not far from Milan, just beyond the border with Switzerland. She asked where he came from me in a quiet car, why he was in Milan, and how he learned with a friend. But the conversation did not continue. Soon she was looking at the sunset outside the window and had a gloomy face. I was able to talk to me with thanks for my appreciation because of allowing me to accompany me.

Was her elegant smile decorated? Why is it such a gloomy face? I was curious but did not ask. It was a hotel casino that arrived in silence. The friend passed the public parking lot and headed to the VIP parking lot. There were all kinds of supercars and expensive cars in the parking lot. Following her, she stepped on the red carpet and entered the casino. The VIP parking lot was also directly connected to the space for the VIP. There are many blackjack tables and full of people who are dressed. “This is the place where only the rich are games.” My friend said.

“It’s boring while waiting, so eat some delicious things and have fun.” She handed us two tickets and went to play the game. It was a 120 euro hotel restaurant meal ticket per chapter. “I have never been like this, but you follow it.” The friend handed the high five. The friend added. Her game is over when the morning sun is left. But we couldn’t play in the same space as her. The place for us was the first floor of the casino with a slot machine.

I sat next to my friend and watched the game. In fact, there was nothing special. Slot machine was just a game of probability or luck, and there was no law or skill. For a while, I watched a friend playing the game. Surprisingly, the betting amount has increased. “Okay, I have to buy a MacBook today.” He rubbed his hand and said with ambitious eyes. In fact, I had no intention of playing the game. I just wanted to see what the casino I heard only. But when I continued to see a friend who earned money, I changed my mind. I also settled down and bet on the machine.

It was a simple game, but the suction power was not a joke. There were five colors on the screen, and several patterns were flowing down at the same interval in the vertical line. When you press the button, the screen stops from the left line to each compartment. If you have the same pattern in the horizontal vertical diagonal, you get a score. If it takes money, this monotonous game is full of thrill. Every time the screen stopped, I was nervous my chest, and at the end, I lamented and cheered. Did you play the game for about two hours? My friend lost 100 euros. I have about 50 euros.

My friend lost more than a day, and quit the game with his eyes. I was worried about adding a game with this momentum, and I woke up in a fear of losing this. We went out and looked at Lake Komo for a while, smoking cigarettes, 크레이지슬롯 and slicing steaks in the restaurant and drinking wine. We were drunk in the atmosphere and went to the VIP game room on the third floor. I watched the game from afar. The friend told me about blackjack, but it didn’t make sense. It was a woman who was more interested than that. Her eyes in the game were lively and even cheerful.

But the fatigue was crowded and I couldn’t keep seeing it. We headed right away. In commemoration of the money, I bought a glass of whiskey from a friend. I took a drink and buried my body on the couch. For a while, I talked with my friend. It was already dawn. The friend who drove fell asleep soon. I tried to spend the night by reading Andre Gid’s . But it was not concentrated whether it was because of the drunken, fatigue, and noise. I saw a woman who played the game. How can we play more passionate than our younger us?

My friend shook me lightly and woke up. She told her to return to Milan if she had finished the game. It was already 7 o’clock in the morning. I lightly took a cup of coffee and went to Milan and headed to Milan. The morning sun was fully shining. “How was it today?” A friend asked her while looking at the rearview mirror. “It wasn’t good.” She laughed and said. “I was not good today. I only got this friend. ” I said that I was lucky with a pleasant voice. “Lucky days are rare, but I didn’t bet more. No, I should have done blackjack together. ” She smiled and said.

“I can’t do blackjack. I have a lot of complicated and learned. ” I said. “You like soccer? Once you learn it, it’s like watching a soccer game. ” She answered. “I still seemed difficult.” “it is not diffcult. It’s hard to be our lives. ” “Life?” When I asked, she said. “Blackjack doesn’t have unexpected variables. You just need to squeeze your strategy. But life is different. Insense dramatic variables continue to hurt us. It’s blackjack easier and more complete than life. ” She finished the horse and tired, but because of the caffeine, she looked out of the window with a horse.

Suddenly I remembered the story my friend told me. It was time to walk Lake Komo in the dark. He talked about her. Beautiful, she married an older sign. But over the years, my husband now cheats with another young woman while having her myself. “I am being taken to a place where she can receive the only comfort.” He smiled a bit bitterly. It seemed to be a guess that she understood, even with the short story he gave. Her gloomy smile and a regular casino row every month.

It was clear that casinos were a small world that could escape from life. At the moment of the game, you don’t have to think about anything else. Just think about the game’s rule, the game’s strategy. Like I sold my mind to the slot machine. Then you can get a reward of victory. But soon the game ends. You have to go back to life. As a bigger game room. There are tens of thousands of life rule and strategy. The opponents are tens of thousands. Variables are also tens of thousands. What kind of game do we have to play in life? Her face, which was small in the side mirror, became darker.

Suddenly I thought. Like a casino for her, can humans live without a shelter or a world of comfort? In this complex life. Perhaps I have been wandering the world in a distant Gentile for a year, and I don’t know if I have been fleeing my life. Was it my life? She nor friends are returning to their original life. Where are I going? The sun in the morning was increasingly rising and brightening the world. Audi was leaving Komo to Milan. The casino is getting farther away, and I still seemed to be in the casino.

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