What you need to know before you travel around the world

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The words of experts, the authority of an authoritative person, or the person I usually respect, must have a critical thinking. Especially in the future of the future, this critical thinking is needed. So I need to study. In order not to be deceived whether the contents they claim are correct. I read a book called the Age of Daeyu, and thanks to this book, I could suspect that “Lee Byeong is safe”, which the expert insisted in the early days of the disease.

In fact, now that we are experiencing Corona 19, related experts seem to be recognized now. It is impossible for them to accurately predict the onset of infectious diseases. But the claims of trust are noticeable. “The chances of an infectious disease are increasing.” Recent news shows that the average life expectancy of a child born in 2015 will be 140 years old. No, the title that doesn’t fit in this longest age is a popular disease like Corona 19? I can’t believe it.

The basis for this claim by an expert is these factors. It is globalization, urbanization. This is because the epidemic lives in the perfect environment. And technology and artificial environmental changes also contribute to the creation of this environment, and I don’t know how human residential forms will change and change. However, if you think about the development of the technology and the sharp progress of globalization is a factor that accelerates urbanization, the book’s claim that epidemics will continue to exist in the future is convincing.

There is a significant sign of another important sign of a noticeable massive soldier. If you have seen a picture of the destination in each airline’s brochure, the destinations that are tightly tied up like a spider’s web, and probably the destinations of airlines around the world, the world map will be hidden. He will now become an environment where he can arrive anywhere from anywhere in 72 hours. The spider webs of the airline mentioned above will be the path to the virus.

It is one of my dreams of travel for a year. I had a dream that I had to leave for a long time in order to get everything out, expand my knowledge, and relax in my life, but I read a little bit of my thoughts after reading this book. In addition to the infectious diseases you know, you know that the virus, which has not yet been developed on this planet, is endless. It may be a world trip, romantic and enterprising goal, but I have to guarantee my life. After all, people should have basic culture in many ways. I didn’t know this and just traveled around the world and had a climate disease in the area. The viruses in the area are not equipped with the immune system in our bodies, so it will suffer from diarrhea until it is equipped. It would be fortunate to end with water change, but it is a world trip with the immune system for climate disease in the region.

There is also a factor in the universalization of epidemics, which may be a little unfamiliar to Koreans. It is pointed out the Chinese eating habits. It was raised a unusual protein source to suit the taste of the Chinese, which led to the effort to meet the taste of Chinese people looking for rare ingredients. The culture of cooking with bats, celestial gloves, etc.

This book tells the story of SARS in 2003. SARS is said to have occurred in an agricultural and fishery market in Guangdong Province, China. It was also a kind of corona virus, and the bat was also natural. For me living in Macau, I sometimes visit the market in nearby Guangdong Province. Currently, 2020 is in the world with Corona 19, and the main culprit that caused the body is Corona 19, and Corona 19 is a kind of virus in Sas in 2003. Guangdong Provincial Market feels new. And another idea. Did you forget history? It’s already 17 years, why should I experience the same Dejaview?

The premise is that we live in the age of massive soldiers. What kind of attitude should we take in this premise? The book can be seen in the case of “Spanish flu.” The beginning of the epidemic is the Golden Time. The most wary attitude at that time is an unstable attitude. The worst infectious disease that such an unstable attitude was the Spanish flu in 1918-1919. Over the past 100 years, many “stars” have been produced by human history. In fact, quarantine technology has evolved and developed. Using advanced technology, the world’s quarantine authorities have secretly spy on SNS chats, making it possible to watch radar surveillance of when there are signs of infectious diseases in any region. In fact, Corona 19 was already known by the US Centers for Disease Headquarters in December 19. However, this made a mistake to miss the golden time to prevent the spread of the attitude.

Our technology to cope with the disease has risen, but there are still elements that 크레이지슬롯 interfere with social and cultural illness sanctions, which is the most urgent problem for us to live in the age of massive diseases. I remember the text from the book <50,000 years of history to see again>. Since humanity has different regional cultural narratives, important issues such as environmental issues that are universally needed to be solved were not cooperated and solved by each country. What about the epidemic? No matter how different narratives are, even if the constellations belonging are different, shouldn’t it be united in front of the epidemic? If you think about human opposition organization of infectious diseases, it appears to be WHO. But the WHO’s response in the 19th Corona crisis is disappointing. Of course, it is a negative disaster and speculation, but it is now a story that the WHO, which is more supported by Chinese capital than the United States in the 2020 New Cold War era, has not been able to upgrade the boundaries. The world is really hired by the ease of the WHO, which is political and capital power.

At the end of this book, this story comes out. At that time, it is said that people make a pan -governmental effort to spread and treat people to die, but after that period, they have the idea that ‘the urgent fire has been turned off’, such as the budget that was urgently assigned. Only now, when Corona 19 is for a long time, interest in quarantine is different, but Corona 19, one day is an infectious disease. But we must remember. The world has become an environment that can be anywhere in 72 hours, and a new epidemic, which is becoming more and more dense urban environments, is living in an environment where it will soon come. I think I need a really powerful WHO organization that cannot be yielded to any country’s political, capital, or other cultural pressure.

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